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Make your postal vote count

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Postal voters in South Somerset are being reminded to return their ballot papers in order to ensure their vote counts in the upcoming South Somerset District Council and Town & Parish Council elections.

Over 25,000 postal voting packs have been sent out from South Somerset District Council’s (SSDC) elections team this week ahead of polling day on Thursday 2 May. Voters will start to receive their postal voting pack in the coming days.

Postal voters will be voting for the person(s) they wish to represent them at South Somerset District Council. At the same time, Town & Parish Council elections will also be taking place.

District Councillors play an important part of ensuring their community's needs are met by making sure that the council aims to work closely with its communities to improve the quality of life for all its resident. Councillors give attention to a wide range of issues when making decisions, the environment, prosperity, equalities and social inclusion.

SSDC would like to offer the following advice to postal voters to make sure that ballot papers can be accepted and ensure that their vote counts:

  • Put your date of birth where indicated, not the date you sign the Postal Voting Statement. Your postal vote will be rejected otherwise.
  • Sign the Postal Voting Statement where indicated. If the signature does not match the one SSDC holds, the postal vote will be rejected.
  • Couples must ensure they do not mix up their paperwork. We receive a number of Postal Vote Statements each election where partners have signed the other person’s Statement and vice versa. Both postal votes will be rejected if this happens.
  • Make sure you put your correct date of birth – don’t guess! It is surprising how many Postal Voting Statements we receive back where the date of birth is different to the date of birth the elector has supplied when applying for a postal vote. If the dates do not match, your postal vote will be rejected.
  • Please take the time to read the instructions carefully to ensure your vote counts.

Roger Quantock, Elections Specialist for South Somerset District Council, said: “As electors have made the effort to return a postal vote, we don’t like to reject them without good reason, but if the signatures and/or dates of birth do not match what we hold, we really don’t have any choice but to reject them. Make sure you read the instructions provided within your postal voting pack so that your vote counts”.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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