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Have your say on Public Space Protection Order proposals for Yeovil town centre

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Whether you work or live in Yeovil town centre or are a regular visitor, anti-social behaviour can make the experience less pleasant.

To help tackle anti-social behaviour, South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is seeking your views on proposals to limit street drinking of alcohol and also street begging though Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs).

How can SSDC control the street drinking of alcohol and street begging?

Under the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act 2014, a local authority can make a PSPO for certain anti-social activities.

The following two conditions need to be met in order to set a PSPO:

  1. Activities carried on (or likely will be carried on) within the authority’s area have (or will have) a detrimental effect on the quality of life in the locality.
  2. The effect, or likely effect, of the activities
  • is persistent or continuing in nature; and
  • is unreasonable
  • justifies the restrictions imposed by the notice.


What is SSDC proposing?

The Council would like to make a Public Space Protection Order to make it an offence to fail to stop consuming intoxicating liquor when required to do so by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or an authorised officer from the Council. It would also be an offence to fail to surrender anything in their possession which a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or authorised officer from the Council reasonably believes to be intoxicating liquor or a container for intoxicating liquor when required to do so.

In a separate Order, the Council also wants to make it an offence to approach another person either verbally or through action in order to beg from the other person.

The PSPOs will apply to certain areas of the town centre in Yeovil, as detailed in the below maps.

This map shows the proposed area to be covered by the PSPO regarding street begging.

This map shows the proposed area covered by the PSPO regarding street drinking.

A PSPO can last no longer than three years but can be renewed if necessary. Failure to comply with the order can result in a fine or a fixed penalty notice.


Why does the Council need to consult?

As part of the designation process, we are required to undertake consultation with appropriate interested parties and stakeholders.

But it's not just about fulfilling an obligation - we really want your views on how you feel affected by street drinking and street begging. We also want to understand how applying the PSPOs might affect you visiting the town centre and whether you think it is a good or bad idea for the area. It’s also important to note that SSDC offers a wide range of services to support the most vulnerable in society including those in financial difficulty or seeking a home.


How can I have my say?

Between Monday 28 May and Sunday 7 July, you can have your say by visiting our website to have your say on the proposed PSPOs. The survey is here and should take around five minutes to complete.

The Council’s Compliance and Enforcement Specialist will also be running pop-up consultation events in Yeovil town centre in mid to late June to collect the views of people in the town centre. Look out for more details on our social media channels closer to the time.


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