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Ahoy! New Play Ship will be sailing into South Somerset this summer

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Avast me hearties and shiver me timbers - a new Play Ship is on its way to Yeovil Recreation Centre this summer.

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide quality play opportunities and excellent leisure facilities to residents and visitors to the area, South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is going to be carrying out major improvements to its flagship play space.

The new and improved Play Ship will be one of the first of its kind in the South West and will offer visitors the opportunity to have the grandest of swashbuckling adventures. The new Play Ship is expected to “dock” later this month and will be constructed during early July 2019 so it’s ready for the summer holidays.


The council’s portfolio holder for health and wellbeing Mike Best said: “For the past 10 years the play space at Yeovil Recreation Centre has provided opportunities play, fun and made memories for thousands of visitors.

“We’re hugely excited to be proving new equipment which will provide great play experiences for many years to come.

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“Additionally, we continue to appreciate the patience and understanding being shown by visitors while the current improvement works take place.”

For any nautical visitors, we've translated that quote into Traditional Pirate.

Cap'n Best said: "Ahoy! Fer th' past 10 years th' play space at Yeovil Recreation Centre has provided opportunities fer play, fun 'n made memories fer thousands o' landlubbers.

“We’re hugely excited t' be raisin’ th’ mainsail on a ship which’ll provide fun fer many years t' come.

“Darrr! 'N we continue t' appreciate th' patience 'n understandin' bein' shown by young buccaneers while we heave ho 'n clear th’ ol scurvy decks.”

SSDC challenged play equipment providers to put forward tenders that offered the best quality, design and price they provide. The company selected to supply the Play Ship is Kompan UK Ltd and the installation works are being carried out by a local company - Play UK (Playgrounds) Ltd.

The Council will be spending £140,000 on the improvement works and, in addition to the new Play Ship, we have started to rebuild and improve the existing Tree Towers and Link Bridges.

Although work has started, the bespoke nature of these structures requires custom parts to be made, which take time to be supplied.

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Therefore, to reduce disruption to visitors to the park and for safety reasons, work will not now continue on the Tree Towers and Link Bridges until after the summer holidays.

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