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Yeovil resident sentenced to 16 weeks in prison for continued anti-social behaviour

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A Yeovil resident has been sentenced to 16 weeks in prison after continually engaging in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Yeovil over the past three years.

Mark Dornan consistently breached an injunction that was imposed in November 2018 that included:

  • Not to Enter Yeovil town centre in business opening hours between the hours of 8am to 6pm seven days a week;
  • Not to sit, loiter or approach people for the purposes of begging within the boundary of Yeovil;
  • Not to take any item from any retail premises without first paying for it within Yeovil town centre;
  • Not to possess an opened container of alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol within Yeovil town centre.

From the moment the injunction was imposed, Mr Dornan continued to consistently breach his injunction and on the 5th June 2019, he was again bought in front of the County Court and the District Judge considered the breaches. Mr Dornan was subsequently sentenced to 12 weeks in prison as a result.

Upon his release from prison, Mr Dornan once again continued to consistently breach his injunction conditions. Further evidence obtained by SAFE (a division of the NHS who undertake work on injunction on our behalf), SSDC and Avon & Somerset Police was bought in front of the County Court on 16th January 2020.

After careful consideration, The District Judge sentenced Mr Dornan to a further 16 weeks in prison and informed him that unless he stopped breaching the injunction, he should expect to receive further prison terms.

Councillor Val Keitch, Leader of South Somerset District Council and portfolio holder for community safety, said: “Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and this really sets a good example of what you can expect to happen to you when you continually break something like an injunction that has been imposed on you.”

SSDC takes anti-social behaviour seriously and will always work in partnership with Avon & Somerset Police and SAFE to ensure that public are protected and feel safe when visiting any area in South Somerset.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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