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Important - don't get a Coronavirus test unless you have symptoms

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Residents are being urged to only get a Coronavirus test if you are displaying symptoms of the virus.

The reason we stress that you should not get a test unless you are displaying symptoms is because it will only give you a snapshot of that particular time and you could still be incubating the virus – many people have the virus and show no symptoms at all. 

This is particularly important if you have been a close contact* of someone that has tested positive for coronavirus – in this case you must self-isolate at home for ten days, even if you do not display any symptoms – don’t get a test if you don’t have symptoms but if you do and it is negative, you must still complete the 10 day isolation period

*a close contact is:

  • having face-to-face contact with someone less than 1 metre away (this will include times where you have worn a face covering or a face mask)
  • spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone
  • travelling in a car or other small vehicle with someone (even on a short journey) or close to them on a plane

Here is an example how the virus incubates in the body and only shows as positive when tested:Image promoting how COVID-19 can spread and the incubation timeline

How to get a test

Check out the .Gov website for their latest advice on how to get tested for Coronavirus.

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