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Chard Town Council (Holyrood Ward) by-election suspended

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Due to the safety of staff and electors at this present time with the current Coronavirus outbreak, Alex Parmley - Returning Officer, has taken the decision to suspend the election for one Councillor for the Chard Town Council – Holyrood Ward that was planned to be held on Thursday 2 April 2020.

How do I know if I was due to vote in the by-election?

If you live in the Holyrood Ward and were registered to vote, you should have received a Poll Card in the last few weeks notifying you of the date, time and location to vote. If you are still uncertain as to whether this by-election affected you, we have provided a map of the Holyrood Ward below along with all associated postcodes in the ward.

Above: Chard Holyrood Ward - any properties within the highlighted green area are within the Holyrood Ward and if registered to vote, electors would have been scheduled to vote on Thursday 2 April 2020. 

Postcodes: TA20 1FH, TA20 1FL, TA20 1PH, TA20 1PL, TA20 1PP, TA20 1PT, TA20 1PY, TA20 1QA, TA20 1QF, TA20 1QH, TA20 1QL, TA20 1RA, TA20 2AD, TA20 2AH, TA20 2AJ, TA20 2AL, TA20 2AN, TA20 2AP, TA20 2AR, TA20 2AS, TA20 2AT, TA20 2AW, TA20 2AX, TA20 2AY, TA20 2BD, TA20 2DH, TA20 2DN, TA20 2DP, TA20 2DR, TA20 2DS, TA20 2DT, TA20 2DU, TA20 2DX, TA20 2DY, TA20 2DZ, TA20 2EA, TA20 2EB, TA20 2EE, TA20 2EF, TA20 2EG, TA20 2EH, TA20 2EJ, TA20 2EL, TA20 2EN, TA20 2EP, TA20 2EQ, TA20 2ER, TA20 2ES, TA20 2ET, TA20 2EU, TA20 2EW, TA20 2EX, TA20 2EY, TA20 2FB, TA20 2FH, TA20 2FN, TA20 2FQ, TA20 2FS, TA20 2FU, TA20 2HA, TA20 2HB, TA20 2HD, TA20 2HE, TA20 2HF, TA20 2HG, TA20 2HH, TA20 2HJ, TA20 2HL, TA20 2HQ, TA20 2HU, TA20 2HX, TA20 2HY, TA20 2HZ, TA20 2JA, TA20 2JB, TA20 2JD, TA20 2JE, TA20 2JF, TA20 2JG, TA20 2JH, TA20 2JQ, TA20 2NJ

Will the by-election still take place?

Yes. Once it is deemed safe to do so, we’ll notify electors of the new date for the by-election. The notice of poll will be published at We’ll need to discuss with Chard Town Council whether new poll cards are sent out, but we will do everything we possibly can to promote the new date of election.

Will I still receive a postal vote for the election and can it be carried forward for when the election is held?

We managed to stop postal votes from being sent out to those who had registered to vote by post. When the by-election is rescheduled, we will send out postal votes to those postal voters.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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