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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Please hang on to unwanted clothes and textiles

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During the current COVID-19 crisis, charity shops and many local Household Waste Recycling Centres are temporarily closed. As charities and textile recyclers are adhering to government guidance, collections from local textile recycling banks are suspended until further notice.

Many of us are using lock down time to have a sort out. While it's very therapeutic, it’s important we continue to keep clothing out of the bin.

If you have clothing and textiles to donate, please hang on to it. Please don’t put it in or beside clothing banks or leave it out with recycling as it won’t be collected and any left by clothing banks is considered as fly tipping which puts extra demand on the Council to remove.

It also means it has to go to landfill and nobody wants that. You can still do your bit to benefit others by donating or recycling them in the future after the restrictions are lifted. Don’t bin it and don’t bank it – Please store it and donate or bank it later.Let’s all do our bit to help.

We are supporting organisation such as the Salvation Army which is having to pay out thousands of pounds to prevent fly-tipping which could otherwise be spent on services for homeless and other vulnerable people.

Despite The Salvation Army’s plea earlier this month for people to hold on to donations, many clothing banks and charity shops are still being overwhelmed with dumped donations which are attracting vermin and becoming a health hazard.

The Salvation Army has been forced to mobilise an emergency response to clear the clothes and other items. Not only does clearing up come at a cost to the charity but clothes left outside sadly end up in landfill.

Tony Hosking, SATCoL’s Director of Clothing Collection Division has this urgent message for people tempted to leave clothes at recycling sites: “I know people think they are helping by donating clothes but they must understand that bags left outside shops and clothing banks is fly-tipping. We have to pay to clean it up and sites quickly become a health hazard so the clothes are destined for landfill."

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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