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The Friends of Yeovil Country Park awarded tree planting grant

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The Friends of Yeovil Country Park have been awarded a grant of £7,000 from the Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. 

The grant will be used to increase the woodland at Wyndham Hill which sits within Yeovil Country Park and will mean 570 new trees will be planted, covering a third of a hectare.

Wyndham Hill Yeovil will benefit from 570 new trees this autumn thanks to a £7,000 grant from the People’s Postcode Lottery Postcode Local Trust.

Wyndham Hill in Yeovil

This extension of the existing woodland will help to increase biodiversity in an area of species poor grassland.  A variety of species have been chosen to reflect the existing woodland and ensure the planting is sustainable in a changing climate. Tree species will include hazel, lime, wild cherry, Italian alder, oak, holly, sweet chestnut and beech. 

The grant also includes funding for a new perimeter fence to protect the trees from the grazing cattle on the hill. The Friends of Yeovil Country Park will assist the rangers with the practical aspects of the project and it’s hoped that members of the community will be able to get involved with the tree planting too, depending on any Covid-19 restrictions at the time, which will be the autumn/winter planting season of 2020/21.

Chairman of the Friends of Yeovil Country Park, Gary Cashmore, said: “The Friends are highly delighted to receive this award from the Postcode Local Trust. This will be a project for everyone to focus on and is very positive news for all of us”.

Yeovil Country Park ranger Kristy Davies, said: ‘’We hope that the tree planting project at Wyndham Hill will be a fantastic opportunity for the local community to get involved in helping to reduce carbon levels in South Somerset. Thank you and congratulations to Friends of Yeovil Country Park on their successful application to the Postcode Local Trust.’’

Cllr Sarah Dyke SSDC portfolio holder for the environment, added: “We’re delighted and grateful to the Friends of Yeovil Country Park for their efforts in securing funds from this brilliant green initiative from the Postcode Local Trust. One of the most powerful things we can do for the environment is plant trees. They lock in carbon, help reduce flooding and pollution as well as creating havens for wildlife, all building more resilient landscapes in our district. As a local authority, we have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030 and these new trees at Wyndham Hill will form part of our wider tree planting schemes across our estates as we work towards reaching this goal. It goes without saying they will also enhance the areas beauty, nature and visitor’s enjoyment. Well done!”

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