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Wincanton town centre set for historic building assessment

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As part of the District Council’s Wincanton Town Centre Regeneration project, consultants have been asked to undertake conservation and historic building assessments in the town centre.

As part of that work, consultants will shortly be photographing historic buildings in the town centre, so we wanted to make you aware that you might see someone with a camera taking photos of buildings over the coming weeks.

This work is part of the wider Wincanton Town Centre Regeneration project which aims to create an attractive environment where people wish to live, work and visit all helping to improve town centre vitality. The historic building assessment will be used to help to engage land/property owners and encourage site owners to bring about re-use and consider meanwhile uses which could help to boost footfall, sitting alongside the aim of improving the historic buildings in the town centre.

Councillor Henry Hobhouse, portfolio holder for Wincanton Town Centre Regeneration, said: “There are lots of benefits that undertaking the assessments will bring, it will help us to prioritise properties that need the greatest level of intervention, but ultimately it gives us an excellent overview of what there is in terms of historic buildings in the town and also how they can potentially play a part moving forward and regenerating the town centre.”

Assessment of buildings are likely to commence the week of 20th July. If you have any queries about the work, please contact Pam Williams, Wincanton Town Centre Regeneration Manager on 01963 435020.

Poster detailing information about the historic building assessments due to commence

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