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Annual Canvass 2020

| District

South Somerset District Council will be contacting every household in the district to check who at that property is eligible to vote.

The annual canvass is a confirmation exercise to help the Council to maintain and update the Electoral Register. Legislation instructs every local authority (council) to undertake a canvass of all of the residential properties in its area every year. 

We are able to canvass properties in a number of ways.  Usually it will be by sending a form or letter addressed to the occupier and it will include details of who is currently registered to vote at the property. However, where you have provided an email address in the past, we may send you an email providing a link to a website where you can confirm or amend the registered elector details.

We will use the information that you provide to update our records and send any person who is not registered to vote an invitation to register.

If you do not receive an email, you will be sent either a form or a letter, depending on the electors that are currently on the Register: 

  • A3 form– this requires a response as the council needs confirmation of who is currently living at the property.

Please note that if you do not respond to this form we are obliged to chase a response through either posting another form, visiting your house or a phone call to an elector if we hold those details. If you do not respond you could be fined £1000. If you have changes to make to your form you can do this either online using the details listed on the form or posting the form in the envelope provided to:

South Somerset Electoral Services,

PO Box 9462,


BH12 9LS

If you have confirmed that all of the details on the form are correct no further action is needed. All electors will remain on the electoral register.

  • A4 letter - you only need to reply to this if there are any changes to be made to the details shown on the form. You can make any changes by logging on to the website, the details of which are given in the letter.

For form, letter or email, if you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered they will receive an invitation to register form either through the post or via email, if this contact method has been provided. They can also go online to register to vote at Register to vote.

Please note that, where you have received the A3 canvass form, a response still needs to be received by the council even if a resident has gone online and registered separately.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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