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A New Shop Front Design Guide for Chard - Have your say

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South Somerset District Council is developing a Shop Front Design Guide for Chard, as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone.

Shop fronts and their associated signs and advertisements naturally play a very important part in the appearance of the commercial areas of our towns. Most of the buildings in these areas contain a shop front on the ground floor, which is the principal focus of attention and falls in the direct line of sight for people in the street.

A shop front is designed to attract attention and its effectiveness depends upon the quality of its design and the display within its windows. The purpose of the new Shop Front Design Guide will be to offer advice towards achieving successful shop fronts in Chard, when new or replacement frontages are being installed.

It is intended that the local planning authority adopts the new Chard Shop Front Design Guide as a Supplementary Planning Document. It is therefore very important that stakeholders have the opportunity to engage with its development.

We invite you to submit your feedback on what makes an attractive and successful shop front through this survey. Your views will help shape the development of the Guide, to ensure that it provides the right advice on how to achieve appropriate shop fronts that relate well to Chard’s character.

Complete the online shop front design survey here

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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