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Missed recycling collections in South Somerset: Daily update (Friday 19 February)

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Sorry; missed recycling in South Somerset 

Staff shortages have led to missed recycling collections today Friday 19 February in and around Alford, Ansford, Castle Cary, Galhampton, Lovington, North Barrow, Charlton Horethorne, Corton Denham, Horsington, Milborne Port, Milborne Wick in South Somerset. 

List of affected roads below (if missed elsewhere, report as usual after 7pm on due day via My Waste Services at 

We regret that immediate return collections are not possible; please re-present recycling next Friday, 26 February from 6am. 

Rubbish, garden waste, clinical and bulky waste collections are NOT affected. 

For more recycling space, flatten and tear up card; rinse, quash and put tops back on plastic bottles; rinse and - if safe - crush cans. Stack boxes with heavier above and locked food bin on top. 

If materials cannot be stored or would present a health or fire risk, all recyclesites are on their usual schedules for essential visits only, and can take all kerbside materials for recycling. 

The only exception is food waste, which should be double bagged and put in your rubbish, or added to the energy-from-waste skip at any recycling site. 

All recycle site details, including essential safety measures:  

Recycling checklist:  

If you need extra recycling containers, order them via My Waste Services at:

Please observe all coronavirus safety advice for kerbside collections, including washing/sanitising hands before and after handing waste containers, disinfecting handles, and maintaining social distance from waste staff.  

For an explanation of coronavirus safety measures for collection crews and this month's change to 6am starts, see: 

For waste services recruitment, search SUEZ + careers and check local agencies. 

Apologies, Somerset Waste Partnership

In / around Alford, Ansford, Castle Cary, Cockhill, Galhampton, Lovington, Lydford On Fosse, North Barrow in South Somerset

  • Alford Well Farm Lane
  • Alma Field
  • Almsford Close
  • Barrow Road
  • Bartlett Square
  • Blackworthy Road
  • Burfitt Road
  • Cary Road
  • Cary Road
  • Castle Cary Station Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Church Street
  • Clanville Cottages
  • Cockhill Elm Lane
  • Coopers Ash Lane
  • Dimmer Farm Lane
  • Dimmer Lane
  • Farrant Green
  • Galhampton Road
  • Goes Lane
  • Hardy Rise
  • Higher Thorn Farm Lane
  • Hornblotton Green Road
  • Lockett Drive
  • Lovington Road
  • Old Approach
  • Park Avenue
  • Park Place
  • Park Street
  • Pilgrims Way
  • Small Way Lane
  • South Bank
  • South Cary Lane
  • South Street
  • Station Road
  • The Park
  • Thornymarsh Lane
  • Torbay Road
  • Wheathill Road

In / around Charlton Horethorne, Corton Denham, Milborne Port, Milborne Wick in South Somerset

  • Bauntons Close
  • Bauntons Orchard
  • Combe Hill
  • Court Lane
  • Crackmore Drive
  • Fiddlers Green Road
  • Furlong Lane
  • Gainsborough
  • Hanover View
  • Higher Kingsbury
  • Higher Kingsbury Close
  • Manor Farm Road
  • Milborne Port Road
  • Millers Hill
  • Oborne Road
  • Orchard Road
  • Orchard Walk
  • Paddock Walk
  • Plover Close
  • Plover Road
  • Redwing Road
  • Russell Place
  • South View Road
  • Southdown
  • The Brambles
  • Three Arch Bridge Road
  • Vartenham Close
  • Waterloo Crescent
  • Wick Hill
  • Wick Road

In / around Horsington, Milborne Port in South Somerset

  • Bathwell Lane
  • Bowden Road
  • Brook Street
  • Brookside
  • Cabbage Lane
  • Cannon Court Mews
  • Church Lane
  • Goathill Road
  • Goldings Lane
  • Manor Close
  • Manor Road
  • Market Yard
  • Millbrook Gardens
  • Overcombe
  • Piece Road
  • Prankerds Road
  • Pud Brook
  • South Street
  • Thimble Lane

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