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Missed recycling collections in South Somerset: Daily update (Wednesday 10 February)

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Sorry; missed recycling around Yeovil and nearby villages, back next week 

Coronavirus-related staff shortages have led to missed recycling collections today Wednesday 10 February in parts of Brympton, East Chinnock, East and West Coker, Higher and Lower Odcombe, Houndstone, Lufton, Yeovil. 

List of affected roads below (if missed elsewhere, report as usual after 7pm on due day via My Waste Services at

We regret that immediate return collections are not possible; please re-present recycling next week on Wednesday 17 February from 6am.  

Rubbish, garden waste, clinical and bulky waste collections are NOT affected. 

For more recycling space, flatten and tear up card; rinse, quash and put tops back on plastic bottles; rinse and - if safe - crush cans. Stack boxes locked food bin on top. 

If materials cannot be stored or would present a health or fire risk, all recyclesites are on their usual schedules for essential visits only, and can take all kerbside materials for recycling. 

The only exception is food waste, which should be double bagged and put in your rubbish, or added to the energy-from-waste skip at any recycling site. 

All recycle site details, including essential safety measures:   

Recycling checklist:  

If you need extra recycling containers, order them via My Waste Services at:  

Please observe all coronavirus safety advice for kerbside collections, including washing/sanitising hands before and after handing waste containers, disinfecting handles, and maintaining social distance from waste staff.  

For an explanation of coronavirus safety measures for collection crews and this month's change to 6am starts, see:  

Apologies, Somerset Waste Partnership 

Roads expected to be missed: 

  • Arnewood Gardens
  • Balls Hill
  • Broadway
  • Brookside
  • Brympton Avenue
  • Burroughes Avenue
  • Camp Road
  • Campion Drive
  • Cedar Fields
  • Cedar Grove
  • Celandine Road
  • Chantry View
  • Chapel Hill
  • Cherry Lane
  • Chinnock Huts Lane
  • Christopher Close
  • Church Lane
  • Church Terrace
  • Churlands Close
  • Coker Hollow
  • Coronation Avenue
  • Coryate Close
  • Crane Road
  • Danielsfield Road
  • Denzil Close
  • Donne Lane
  • Dorchester Road
  • Dray Road
  • East Coker Road
  • Falcon Road
  • Fennel Way
  • Ferndale Gardens
  • Finch Close
  • Flax Way
  • Foxes Rest
  • Foxglove Way
  • Gooseacre Lane
  • Great Corner
  • Grebe Road
  • Green Lane
  • Ham Hill Road
  • Harrier Drive
  • Hawk Road
  • Hawkins Way
  • Heron Drive
  • High Street
  • Higson Close
  • Hillgrove Avenue
  • Hobby Way
  • Home Drive
  • Kestrel Way
  • Kingfisher Drive
  • Kingsland Grange
  • Kite Place
  • Lapwing Close
  • Larkhill Road
  • Larkhill Road
  • Little Tarratt Lane
  • Long Run
  • Lower East Coker Road
  • Lower Odcombe
  • Lower Turners Barn Lane
  • Lower Wraxhill Road
  • Lufton Lane
  • Lufton Manor Road
  • Malmesbury Way
  • Manor Farm
  • Manor Street
  • Marl Close
  • Montacute Road
  • Muchelney Way
  • Old Road
  • Orchard Close
  • Owl Court
  • Pavyotts Lane
  • Peregrine Close
  • Perrythorne Park
  • Pipit Way
  • Placket Lane
  • Poplar Drive
  • Preston Road
  • Raglan Terrace
  • Redlands Lane
  • Rex Road
  • Sandhurst Road
  • Sandpiper Drive
  • Springfield Place
  • Springfield Road
  • St Andrews Road
  • St Patricks Road
  • Stiby Road
  • Street Lane
  • Sutton Grange
  • Tarratt Road
  • Teal Road
  • Tellis Cross
  • The Cleve
  • The Regents
  • Trellech Court
  • Turners Barn Lane
  • West Coker Hill
  • West Coker Road
  • Westbury Gardens
  • Westminster
  • Windermere Close
  • Windmill Lane
  • Woodpecker Close
  • Wraxhill Road
  • Yeovil Road 

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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