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How your district council will lead the recovery of our economy and communities after COVID-19

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One of South Somerset District Council’s priority projects for the coming year will be to ensure our economy and communities can not only recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic but come back stronger, more resilient and more vibrant.

Our Council Plan for 2021-22 sets out how this can be achieved and the key actions we will be taking to drive the change that is needed to revitalise South Somerset.

Council Leader Val Keitch said: “The Covid-19 pandemic, an unprecedented event for many generations, has had a devastating impact on our businesses and communities. We have done everything we can to ensure that all the grant funding and support our communities needed was provided by our brilliant team who have worked so hard through the past 12 months.

“With the Government’s roadmap and our dedicated support to the local vaccination programme, we can start to see a path to normality but we know we have a significant role to play in creating a stronger county with a revitalised economy and communities.

“This is why we need the clear plan of action we have set up to deliver that stronger future.”

2021 Priority Project - Leading the recovery after Covid-19

What are the outcomes the council will achieve?

South Somerset District Council has set out a series of outcomes that we want to see over the course of the next 12 months.

These include:

  • Helping business to not only survive the pandemic but grow by delivering on the Council’s Economic COVID-19 Recovery Plan [link] alongside leading and supporting ambitious projects for growth and productivity alongside partners
  • Leading a social inclusive and sustainable recovery from the impact of Covid-19 through engagement with our communities and others to deliver innovative social action alongside targeted support to our low-income and most vulnerable residents
  • Improving accessibility for all to education, work, health and social opportunities

How specifically will this be achieved and when?

Work has already started to deliver a wide range of milestones and actions with the aim of delivering the majority from April to September, although the impact of COVID-19 remains unpredictable as are any further actions the Government may need to take.

This includes:

  • Delivering the district’s first Skills, Employment and Wellbeing Hub for local residents to access support
  • Launching community resilience projects for young adults
  • Increasing the availability of high performance broadband and mobile reception
  • Creating a plan with key partners to boost the impact on our economy from Yeovil Innovation Centre, Bunford Innovation Park, iAero and start-up projects
  • Working with Yeovil College to deliver a new learning programme that reflects the needs of businesses now and in the future
  • Deliver a range of inclusive community events and activity that promote the opportunities for all local residents particularly those most affected by COVID-19

All of these actions are planned alongside a range of other initiatives which can be found in our full Council Plan for 2021/22.

We will be publishing more details about the initiatives mentioned here alongside our other priority projects in the coming weeks.

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