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Keep Me! Key Recycle More leaflet landing soon

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Vital information about Recycle More will be landing on doormats across South Somerset next week.

And Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) is urging residents hold on to their leaflet which contains key details about collection days and what to do once the expanded recycling service arrives at the end of June.

Recycle More will see more recycling collected from the kerbside every week and rubbish collected every three weeks instead of every two. You can find lots more information on the SWP website

With less than a month to go, the striking orange and blue leaflets will make sure everyone knows what to do when things change. Whether you stick it on the fridge or pin it to a notice board, it is important to keep yours somewhere safe for future reference.

Each leaflet has a collection day calendar specific to that address, showing when recycling and rubbish will be collected. Around a third of homes will have a change in collection day.

They also give residents their first Recycle More collection date - the first time they should put out the new materials and use the Bright Blue Bag that will be delivered in the two weeks leading up to launch.

Some people will also have a one-off, extra rubbish collection before Recycle More starts. This will be made clear in the calendar where it applies.

Recycle More adds the following to weekly kerbside recycling collections:

  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • Food and drink cartons such as Tetra Pak
  • Small batteries and small electrical items

What items need to go into which recycling container changes with Recycle More and the leaflet includes a simple, colour-coded ‘What goes where?’ diagram.

As the Bright Blue Bags are delivered, recycling boxes will be stickered with new details:

  • Bright Blue Bag – plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays; tins and cans, aerosols and foil
  • Green box – Glass bottles and jars, and cartons including Tetra Pak
  • Black box – paper and card
  • Brown food waste bin – all food waste
  • Carrier bags (untied) small electrical items (crews will return bags)
  • Small see-through bag (untied) household batteries

SWP Managing Director, Mickey Green, said: “It’s really important for people to look out for these leaflets and keep them somewhere safe.

“The new service means doing things a little differently and we’re here to help make it work for everyone so please get in touch if you have concerns.

“With Recycle More in Mendip we are collecting around 100 tonnes of extra recycling each week and I’m sure lots of people in South Somerset are keen to do the same. But remember, nothing changes until you get your Bright Blue Bag.”

Until the new service starts, SWP is encouraging people to take the new Recycle More materials to recycling sites rather than throw them out in their rubbish.

The sites in Yeovil, Chard and Crewkerne already take all the new materials. Castle Cary and Somerton take everything except cartons. 

Anyone with questions or concerns about Recycle More can find more information online or call South Somerset District Council on 01935 462462.

And at, residents can "like" SWP's page for these Q&A events, or pop over to the Community Council of Somerset's Talking Cafe:

  • Wed16Jun 7-8am SWP Facebook Q&A
  • Thu17Jun 1-1.45pm Talking Cafe
  • Mon5Jul 7-8pm SWP Facebook Q&A
  • Thu15Jul 1-1.45pm Talking Cafe

 Recycle More is already working well in Mendip where it was launched in October, collecting around 100 tonnes of extra recycling every week.

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