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Last chance to vote

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Somerset electors have until 5pm on Friday 4 June to make it clear which option for change in local government in the county they support by voting in the local poll. 

The poll asks electors to choose between the two options for change currently being considered by government to replace Somerset’s five existing county and district councils: One Somerset, the plan for a single council proposed by Somerset County Council or Stronger Somerset, the plan for two councils – an Eastern Somerset and a Western Somerset council – proposed by Somerset’s District Councils.   

The Leaders of the four district councils in Somerset have put aside party-political differences aside to unite behind the Stronger Somerset proposal.  

In a joint appeal to those who have not yet voted they said: “We have put our faith in the voters of Somerset to make up their own minds by organising a local poll, independently run and verified. 

“Others have taken every opportunity to discredit the poll and to stifle debate. They don’t want you to vote and don’t want to listen to you, we do.” 

“The choice to us is clear. We are backing Stronger Somerset, the plan for two councils that take account of the ways our local communities live, work, travel, learn, and want to develop in the future.  

“Councils small enough to think and act locally, but big enough to be effective and economic. The right solution, we believe, for a county of Somerset’s size. 

“Please, if you haven’t yet voted, we encourage you to look at both proposals in detail and to have your voice heard.” 

Details of how to vote online can be found on the ballot papers delivered to every registered elector in Somerset. 

To find out more about the Stronger Somerset proposal go to, and to find out more about the One Somerset proposal, go to 

The result of the poll is expected on the afternoon of Monday 7 June.

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