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Celebrating Chard’s Archaeology

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The Council for British Archaeology’s 2021 Festival of Archaeology runs from Saturday 17 July to Sunday 1 August. This year the theme is ‘exploring local places’ and, as today (20th July) is High Streets Day, we wanted to help you explore the archaeology that sits right at the heart of Chard.

While we were working up the designs for the new public realm scheme, we commissioned an archaeologist to research Chard’s history and the potential for archaeological remains in the town centre streets.

The town of Chard has a long and complex history as a Saxon settlement that became an important market centre during the medieval period and increasingly industrialised in later periods to make a significant economic contribution to the county of Somerset and beyond through its textile mills and later lace and rope industries. This history is illustrated by the wealth of built heritage within the town and probable extensive archaeological remains are likely to survive.

The report provides essential guidance to the construction contractors who will deliver the new public realm scheme. However, we believe that it will also be of interest to the community, as it brings together various sources of historical information to give a comprehensive summary of the history of the town centre.

As well as being available to download on our website, the report will be added to the Somerset Historic Environment Record (HER).

You can find out more about the Festival of Archaeology at

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