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The Triangle and Wine Street set to see public realm improvement works commence later this year

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The Triangle and Wine Street in Yeovil are set to become the next areas in the town centre to see improvement work as part of Yeovil Refresh that will help to improve the look of the town centre for shoppers, businesses, residents and workers. 

South West Highways (SWH) has been appointed to undertaken the scheme of works at The Triangle (also known as the bandstand area) and Wine Street. Work is due to commence in Wine Street in October.

In advance of starting at Wine Street, SWH will be carrying out preparatory works in the area which will include creating a site compound at The Box Factory car park, South Street, undertaking survey work and starting to clear the site of clutter. Both South Somerset District Council and SWH will be communicating and engaging with nearby local businesses in advance of the work taking place as well.

The work at Wine Street will make the pedestrianisation of the street permanent with new paving, drainage works and general freshening up of the environment. It is estimated that the work at Wine Street will be completed by Christmas.

Once the Wine Street work is near completion, work will commence on the Triangle public realm project which will see key changes including amphitheatre seating, a focal water feature and a big screen for promotion and to use for events, plus other features. This work is set to commence in November and is estimated to be completed by autumn 2022.

This project is being delivered by South Somerset District Council and is part funded by the £9.75 million Future High Street Fund awarded to SSDC following the submission of a detailed business case and discussions with the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG). The grant awarded will help to fund transformational works that will enable Yeovil town centre to be a vibrant place to live, work, shop, learn and visit.

Council Peter Gubbins, executive portfolio holder for Yeovil Refresh, said: “The Triangle has the potential to become a real focal point in the town centre where people meet and enjoy the space, with thriving businesses surrounding them. We are delighted to deliver an area which will make the town’s open areas more appealing and that uses the space around it to encourage visitors. Wine Street improvements will also see this area become fully pedestrianised and much improved, with changes to the surrounding road network which will benefit the area.

“I’d like to thank MHCLG for providing us with £9.75 million in grant funding following our submission for the Future High Street Fund; it has enabled us to deliver a high quality project for the people, businesses and visitors of Yeovil.”

Other elements of the public realm improvement scheme will see enhancement works at The Borough, Middle Street, Lower Middle Street and the High Street in Yeovil as part of the Yeovil Refresh programme. Work to improve Westminster Street is commencing.


This is the second of the public realm framework contracts to be awarded for public realm improvements in Yeovil which will help to transform the way that the town centre will look. Construction and improvements will take place in areas where the public move or congregate and will make areas more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.

Abie Hearn, Divisional Manager at SWH, said: “SWH is really looking forward to working with South Somerset District Council and starting this exciting project to enhance Wine Street and create a more attractive and usable space within the Triangle area for Yeovil’s residents and visitors to enjoy.”

After a lengthy and detailed tendering process in late 2020, Alun Griffiths Ltd, South West Highways, Midas Construction and Knights Brown were successfully appointed to bid for construction of public realm associated with the regeneration programmes of the council. The framework set out also covers major capital projects that our assets team may wish to carry out, plus any other towns that may wish to join and see regeneration over time.

The framework agreed with the contractors will be delivered over the next 4-6 years and gives good value for our residents through aiming to create positive social value, meeting the council’s environmental strategy goals and is value for money.

Embedding social value into procuring contracts has many values including:

  • Better value for money – delivering more for the public pound by requiring suppliers to do more than just deliver the core services
  • Increase local spend – by rewarding organisations that are local or have a local supply chain
  • Increased opportunities for disadvantaged people and promoting social mobility
  • Promoting a responsible supply chain by requiring businesses to compete
  • Leading to a cleaner and greener district
  • Building stronger more resilient communities
  • Leading to greater innovation and long term thinking.


What is the Yeovil Refresh project?

The Yeovil Refresh project aims to create a town centre that will be a vibrant place to live, work, shop, learn and visit. Working with consultants and key partners, South Somerset District Council has been exploring how it can best invest in Yeovil’s future.

Consultation events were held in 2018 to help us identify priority projects. Here’s a recap of what you told us:

  • You’d like to see the main high streets kept clean and better kept with nicer planters and other greenery, while keeping the streets from being too cluttered.
  • You’d like to see improvements in vehicular and pedestrian access into the heart of Yeovil for locals and visitors
  • There are concerns about some vehicle access to parts of the town centre (in particular on Middle Street)
  • You’d like to make the town’s open areas more appealing, using the space that is available to encourage visitors.


From the feedback obtained, the following priority projects were set:

  • Assessing further pedestrianisation of parts of Middle Street.
  • The creation of a Public Realm Design Guide to help shape the use and look of open spaces in the town centre
  • An assessment of access to the town centre
  • A review of car parks in Yeovil (assessing current and future provision, cycle parking, electric charging points and more)


Yeovil Refresh projects will be delivered over a 4 to 5 year programme with an early priority given to the initial priority projects above.


Why are you investing in Yeovil town centre?

Yeovil is the primary market town in South Somerset and when you visit, we want you to have a great experience so that you want to come back.

But it’s not just about visiting the town centre; we want to provide opportunities for people to live there, with a mix of housing so that residents will shop local and create a vibrant town centre that other people will want to visit and retailers will want to be a part of. Offering a variety of choice to dine is also important and will help independent and national businesses to flourish in Yeovil.

You can find out more about the Yeovil Refresh programme at


Future High Streets Fund

The Future High Streets Fund aims to renew and reshape town centres and high streets in a way that improves experience, drives growth and ensures future sustainability.

In total, 72 places will share up to £831 million from the Future High Streets Fund to help them recover from the pandemic by improving transport links, building new homes and transforming underused spaces.


South West Highways

South West Highways is one of the leading civil engineering contractors within the South West.  We specialise in the delivery of highway services, surfacing, traffic management and environmental schemes. 

South West Highways are a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurovia UK Ltd - together with our associated companies, Eurovia teams are responsible for improving over 50,000 kms of the UK’s highways network.

For further information, visit our website:, contact our Communications Advisor by phone (01404 821500) or email


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