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May 2022 Elections - as it happened

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On this page we'll be keeping you up to date with all the latest information on the May 5 elections in Somerset.

You can find more information on the New Somerset Council web page and on our Elections pages.

Friday 6 May

5pm - The count has concluded for all the town and parish elections. You can see all the results here. That concludes our election coverage.

4.10pm - Somerset County Council has released a statement on behalf of Somerset's five councils and you can see it here.

3pm - Counting has concluded for the Somerset County Council elections - you can see the full results here.

11:13am - The first three results are in for the Brympton, Blackmoor Vale and Coker Divisions for the Somerset County Council elections. So far Liberal Democrats have been elected to the seats in every division.

10:45am - The first results have been announced. Check here for regular updates as they come in. 

10am - The County count began at Westlands at 10am this morning and the Parish count will begin at 2pm this afternoon. 

2.20am - The verification number is in and in terms of the Somerset County Council elections, the turnout figure overall looks like it will be 38.15%. That's it for tonight and more later today.

12.45am - Thank you to all our residents who shared their photos of dogs at polling stations on Thursday. Say hello to canines including Freddy, Molly, Milo, Fezzik and Crysta.

Thursday 5 May

11.50pm - We've just received the ballot boxes from Chard and we understand that means that all the votes - those cast today and postal votes - are in the building.

10.50pm - In case anyone was wondering, we've found Alfie.

10.25pm - Tonight is all about vote verification - checking the total number of votes cast. The official count will commence tomorrow morning and the results of the Local Elections will be known.

Remember, you are electing councillors who will be responsible for existing Somerset County Council services and will oversee the creation of a new single Somerset Council, alongside a number of town and parish councillors.

10.10pm - The first ballot box has arrived! The Old Barn Club being the first poll station to get their box to Westlands Yeovil where the count is taking place.

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Background information:

Notice of Election - Monday 21 March 
Statement of Persons Nominated - 4pm, Wednesday 6 April

Notice of Poll - Tuesday 26 April
Polling Day - Thursday 5 May 
Results of Poll - Friday 6 May 

Statement of Persons Nominated

The Statements of Persons Nominated for the Somerset County Elections and South Somerset Parish Elections can be viewed using the links below. There are two Statements of No Persons Nominated for the South Somerset Parish Elections.

Somerset County Elections Statements of Persons Nominated

South Somerset Parish Elections Statements of Persons Nominated

South Somerset Parish Elections Statements of No Persons Nominated

You can use the 'find' feature by selecting Ctrl + F on your keyboard to search for persons nominated in your area.

How can I vote?

If you missed out on voting this time, please use the link below to register for future elections.

Registering to vote and applying for a postal or proxy vote

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