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Chard Town Centre Regeneration materials recycled to help rejuvenate local Church

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As part of the SSDC Chard Regeneration Public Realm Improvement project, contractors Alun Griffiths, have replaced street paving slabs with modern, upgraded paving throughout Chard Town Centre.

 A member of Yarcombe Baptist Church (situated three miles West of Chard) approached the on-site project team and asked if they were able to make use of the old, removed paving slabs. The entrance to the church was in a state of disrepair and access was restricted for burial services and those who had restricted mobility.

 250 of the removed paving slabs were delivered to Yarcombe Baptist Church and these materials have been reused within the community to provide a new entrance and pathway to the Church Cemetery. The community are also planning to install a further slope to improve access to both the Church and Cemetery for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility.

At present, local residents have to use a narrow lane to access the church from the car park. The remaining paving slabs will be used to provide a new pathway.

Old entrance to cemetery with limited access

Old entrance to church cemetery with limited accessibility

New entrance to cemetery using recycled paving slabs

New accessible entrance to church cemetery using recycled paving slabs

A member of the Yarcombe Baptist Chapel congregation commented, “These slabs were beautifully well weathered and wonderfully worn with the passage of time that they had lain in Chard. These stones were ideally within the keeping, and setting, of the works that we needed to address. Over a period of several weeks, Chapel members managed to lay these lovely ‘aged’ slabs to provide a completely new and ideally suited pathway in our chapel graveyard and its greater curtilage.

May I, therefore, offer my most sincere thanks, on behalf of all the members of the Yarcombe Baptist Chapel, to you all, who have been instrumental in helping to improve parts of our historic chapel. The help that you have given to us here in Yarcombe Chapel is truly immeasurable.”

South Somerset District Council and Alun Griffiths are committed to supporting local communities. Find out more about the Chard Regeneration scheme here: Find out how Alun Griffiths are helping communitis here:

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