Planning and building control

Land and premises, planning permission, building control, planning policy, conservation and view applications online. 

Information and links about Planning and Building Control.

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Pre Application Planning Advice

Planning permission

Information on planning permission and enforcement.

View a planning application online

Access planning applications online.

Land and Premises

Find information about Land and Premises including Local Land Charges.


We believe conservation of Buildings and the Natural Environment vital to the South Somerset area.

Spatial Policy

The Spatial Policy team are responsible for the preparation of the Local Plan; producing evidence on a variety of topics, including: housing, the economy, transport, flooding, retail, landscape and heritage; providing advice on major planning applications across the district; and supporting community groups in preparing Neighbourhood Plans.

Strategic Housing

The Strategic Housing Service works to provide decent, safe and secure homes throughout the district. The Council responds to national, regional and local priorities and ensures that sufficient multi-tenure housing is provided to meet the needs of a changing population.

Building Control

Find information on Building Control and the application process.

View a building control application online

View a building control application.

Information, Advice and Support for your Business

Information for your business, business relocation and local regeneration.

Street Naming and Numbering

South Somerset District Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the South Somerset area with the principal responsibility of ensuring that streets are named and properties are numbered or named.

Self Build / Custom Build

Information on Self Builds / Custom Builds