Community Led Plans

Community Led Plans (Parish Plans, Village Design Statements and Neighbourhood Plans) and their Integration with the Planning System

The Planning Policy team contribute to the District Councils role of assisting Parish Councils in the preparation of community led plans, including Parish Plans, Village Design Statements and Neighbourhood Plans.

Parish Plans and Village Design Statements

Community Led Plans - Integrating with the Planning System suggests the best ways to integrate your Parish Plans; Plan or Village Design Statement with the Local Plan (previously known as the Core Strategy), so that it effectively influences the future land use planning of our District.

The leaflet also explains how the Planning Policy team offer an advisory service to inform Parish Plans and Village Design Statements of how references and linkages can be made to the emerging Local Plan, thereby making the community led plan more material, so it can be used in making representations on planning applications.

Please note we are in the process of updating this guidance in light of emerging guidance from Central Government, if you have any questions, please contact the Planning Policy team.

Neighbourhood Plans

The Localism Act has introduced 'Neighbourhood Plans' as part of the National Planning Policy Framework. These are locally prepared documents which set out what type and scale of development is needed to help a community achieve the right mix of affordable housing, employment opportunities and services. 

Neighbourhood Plans will be informed by local consultation and be in line with the policies and proposals in the South Somerset Local Plan - the overarching development plan for South Somerset.

Many communities in South Somerset have already produced local community plans (or town or parish plans), and while these plans can act as a foundation for future development ideas, a Neighbourhood Plan is a separate document.

Because there are lots of ways to inform the planning system and get the development you wish to see in your community (Neighbourhood Plans are not the only option), the District Council are in the process of providing guidance for communities, until that is available you can contact the Planning Policy team for further information.