Market Street, Yeovil - Development Brief

The Market Street Brief is a Development guide for the Market Street Area of Yeovil, including the Cattle Market site, and was approved in April 2007.

Whilst not a formal part of the Council's Local Development Framework the Brief is none the less important guidance for the future development of a key part of the town centre that has recently been the subject of active developer interest. It reflects guidance set out in the Yeovil Urban Development Framework and is intended to expand on the proposals in that document for the area.

The document has been prepared with considerable stakeholder engagement and has been produced with active assistance from Landowners. The Council will have regard to the Development Brief in considering any application for development of all or part of the land covered by the Brief.

  Market Street, Yeovil - Development Brief [13Mb] (pdf document)

This document can be purchased at a cost of £5.00 for a CD or £10.00 for a hard copy plus £1.00 p&p for either.

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