Second Progress Report 30 August 2013

The Second  Progress Report was sent to the Inspector on 30 August 2013.

Second Progress Report and emerging National Planning Practice Guidance

The Inspector has noted the contents of the second progress report, and in particular the confirmation that no departure from the timetable is currently envisaged.

He has also requested that the following message regarding emerging National Planning Practice Guidance be published:

You may be aware that a new suite of emerging guidance on Development Management and a range of other topics, including local plans, was published by the Government on 28 August 2013.  This guidance is only available on the web at The web site says that the Government considers that whilst the draft guidance is a material consideration, it is likely to have limited weight.  It also says that when the draft guidance is finalised later this year it 'expects the Secretary of State to specify that the new guidance applies only to Local or Neighbourhood Plans which have not yet been submitted for examination.  Any Local or Neighbourhood Plans submitted before the new guidance is issued may rely on previous guidance'.

Taking all the above into account I do not intend, at this stage, to invite further comments from any party on the emerging guidance.