Examination Timetable and Hearing Agendas

The following documents have been received from the Programme Officer:

Programme and Agenda for the 18 June Hearing Sessions - The Inspector will commence with Issue 6 at 10am.   Once that session is complete there will be a short break, and he will continue immediately with Issue 3.  

Note: This may well be before lunchtime so if you are a participant only in the session dealing with Issue 3,  I would advise you to be there from 11am at the latest.

No further documents will be accepted unless specifically requested by the Inspector.

Further hearing session on 18 June 2013 - The Inspector has advised that due to the relatively short timescale he anticipates that further submissions from participants will be made orally at the resumed hearing session on Issue 3, although if written comments are received they will be accepted.  Economic Prosperity and Employment Provision is an important element of the local plan and therefore the opportunity to make written submissions - only on the evidence being considered at the resumed hearing on Issue 3 - will be available until 16.00 hours on Thursday 27 June 2013.

Guidance Note

Draft Examination Programme

Hearing Agendas

Council Witness Team

Mid-Hearing Documents Accepted or Requested by Inspector