South Somerset District Council Playing Pitch Strategy Consultation

South Somerset District Council is consulting on the Draft South Somerset Playing Pitch Strategy 2017 and you are invited to submit your comments on the strategy, action plan and associated documents


The consultation will run from Monday 15th May 2017 until 5pm Monday 26th June 2017.

The Draft South Somerset Playing Pitch Strategy is based on 'Playing Pitch Strategy Guidance' produced in 2013 by Sport England and has been informed by responses to earlier targeted consultations from local stakeholders in relation to local provision.

The purpose of the Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is to provide a strategic framework which ensures that the provision of outdoor playing pitches meet the local needs of existing and future residents within South Somerset until 2028. In particular, the strategy focuses on the provision of football, rugby union, cricket and hockey pitches.

Why is a strategy for South Somerset Important?

In particular the PPS can be used:

  • to project forward demand likely to arise by the end of the strategy period so that the appropriate level of pitch provision can be planned for the future;
  • to provide evidence to protect existing playing pitches and playing fields;
  • support the need to improve the quality or increase the quantity of pitches and their associated ancillary facilities;
  • to support applications by clubs/teams/pitch providers for funding for the improvement of the quality, quantity and accessibility of provision;
  • to help to defend against inappropriate development or loss of pitches;
  • to inform planning policy development;
  • provide a strategic view and options for the provision of pitches during the strategy period; and,
  • to help secure additional provision which arises as a result of new development

The draft strategy sets out a number of detailed actions, recommendations and options for pitches which will need to be planned for during the strategy period.  It is the task of stakeholders (including clubs, providers, owners and managers of pitches) and bodies (such as SSDC, sports governing bodies and Sport England) to deliver against and update the PPS action plan following the Strategy's adoption by SSDC (and strategy steering group).

The consultation process

In order to finalise the Strategy, the Council invites you to comment on the Draft South Somerset Playing Pitch Strategy, which comprises a number of documents:

Key PPS documents

South Somerset PPS Site Overviews

The site overviews are split into 4 geographical areas within South Somerset. Each of the attachments below has an index so that you can quickly find the location you are looking for.

Supporting PPS documents

How to comment on the consultation documents

In particular, the Council would welcome your views on the issues and priorities identified within the Strategy and Action Plan.  We would also welcome feedback on the accuracy of Site Overviews which provide a 1 page summary of provision and key issues at all known playing pitch sites across the district.

response form has been prepared to assist you in responding to the consultation.

Please return your response form by 12th June 2017 by either:

  • Emailing your response to
  • Posting your response to: Community, Health and Leisure Team, SSDC, The Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3UJ

All of your feedback will be discussed at the Playing Pitch Strategy Steering group (comprising of representatives from Sport England, the Football Association England Hockey, Rugby Football Union, English Cricket Board and council officers) and incorporated into the Strategy where appropriate. We will review all survey responses and consider your comments before proceeding to finalise and adopt the South Somerset Playing Pitch Strategy.

For further information please contact the Community Health and Leisure Team on 01935 462462 or email