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Housing Benefit information

I am a tenant

If your question is about Universal Credit, visit the Department for Work and Pensions.

  1. How much benefit will I get and when?

    Most payments of Housing Benefit are made every 4 weeks. This means that over 1 year, 13 payments will be made. Payments are made in arrears.

    Payments are made to the tenant directly into their bank account.

    You can view your benefit entitlement and your next payment date in your account.

    You will have need to login or sign up for an account to view this information.

  2. How much rent do I need to pay?

    We cannot answer any questions about your rent. You will need to contact your landlord.

  3. How have you worked out how much benefit I get?

    Your assessment letter will tell you how your benefit entitlement was calculated. Help with understanding your letter can be found on our decision notice explanation.

  4. Will my change in circumstances affect how much benefit I get?

    Use a benefit calculator to see how much Housing Benefit you will be entitled to.

    Make sure you report your change of circumstances.

  5. Can you pay my landlord instead of me?

    In some circumstances we will be able to pay your benefit straight to your landlord. You can request this by contacting us

  6. How do I apply for Housing Benefit?

    You can apply for benefits using our application page

  7. Will my change in circumstances mean I can claim Housing Benefit?

    Use a benefit calculator to see if you are entitled to any benefits.

  8. I have applied for benefits, but haven’t had an answer yet

    This may be because we are waiting for information from you.

    View your requests to see the status of your application.

  9. I don't understand my letter

    Help with understanding your assessment letter can be found here.

  10. Why are my benefits capped?

    The Government put a limit on the total amount of out of work benefits that working age people can receive.

    The reason for the cap is so that no family or individual out of work will receive more in welfare benefits than the average family or individual could reasonable expect to earn from working.

    The Benefit Cap will be applied if the income is above these limits:

    Benefit Cap
    A maximum of £500 per week

    If your household is made up of a couple, with or without children, or

    If you are a lone parent (and the children you have responsibility for live with you)

    A maximum of £350 per week

    If you are a single person and

    You have no children or

    The children you have responsibility for don't live with you.

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