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Building regulations approval

Apply for full plan approval or a building notice

There are 2 methods of applying for building regulations approval:

  • a full plans application
  • a building notice application

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  1. Full plans application

    A full plans application is where drawings, details and other supporting information is submitted for checking and a formal decision notice is given.

    Advantages of using this method include; the plans can be examined and approved before work starts and that the builder can work to the approved drawings in the knowledge that the detail complies with the regulations.

    We check most applications within 28 working days of submission, meaning even where work has started, problems can be identified before work reaches an advanced stage.

    Approved plans can be used for up to 3 years after submission, even if regulations change.

    For more information about the full plan approval procedure, view our guidance.

    Apply for full plan approval.

  2. Building notice application

    A building notice application is a less detailed form of application where minimal information is initially needed and no formal decision is given.

    It can mean that there is no delay while detailed plans are produced and that there is no cost involved in producing these plans.

    The process of achieving compliance is much more heavily weighted towards the work in progress.

    This type of application is designed for minor domestic work where detailed plans are not felt appropriate. This type of application cannot be used where the building is to be put to a relevant use.

    For more information on the building notice procedure, view our guidance.

    Apply for a building notice.

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