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Council Tax

Discounts and exemptions

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a discount or a full exemption on your Council Tax bill.

See the information below to find out about the different discounts or exemptions you may be entitled to.

If you are on a low income and need help towards paying your Council Tax, visit our Council Tax support page

  1. Am I eligible for a Council Tax discount?

    Your living, personal and employment situation can all have an impact on your eligibility for a Council Tax discount.

    For full details on these breakdowns visit our eligibility page.

  2. Discretionary discount for those suffering financial problems due to unusual circumstances

    In some cases, the Council can consider applications for a discount if you are suffering financially from a major event or a series of unusual circumstances that do not fall within the normal discounts or exemptions.

    View our Discretionary Reduction in Liability Policy for more information. 

    Contact us to discuss and apply for this discount.

  3. Discounts for certain properties

    The type of property, for example uninhabitable properties, can also incur varying discounts and exemptions.

    For full details, visit our discounts for certain properties page.

  4. Appealing a decision

    You have the right to appeal to the Council against any decision that makes you liable to pay Council Tax or against a decision to deny any type of discount.

    You must appeal in writing. You will need to give us full details of what you think is wrong and why you do not agree with our original decision so we can review it. You will need to send any letters to:

    South Somerset District Council

    The Council Offices
    Brympton Way
    BA20 2HT

    If you are still unhappy with our decision, write to:

    Valuation Tribunal
    2nd Floor
    120 Leman Street
    London E1 8EU

    More information can be found on the Valuation Tribunal Service website.

  5. Occupant of household has passed away

    It is important that you let us know when someone has passed away as it will allow us to update, not only the Council Tax account, but also all other relevant Council Services.

    If someone has died, you can tell us quickly and easily online via the Tell Us Once service.

    What will happen to the Council Tax bill?

    If the property has been left unoccupied due to the sole-occupier passing away an exemption will be applied until probate has been granted or the tenancy has ended.

    Once probate has been granted:

    • If the property has been transferred to beneficiaries, they will become liable to pay the Council Tax and a new account will be set up in their name.
    • If the property remains unoccupied and in the hands of the executors, the exemption can continue for a further six months. Once this period has ended the full Council Tax will then become payable and a bill will be issued to the executors. An executor can claim a further three month discount once the furniture is remove.

    If the property remains occupied, with only one adult remaining in household, they will be eligible for a single person discount.

  6. Change in circumstances

    If your bill says you are exempt or paying reduced Council Tax and your circumstances change, you must let us know immediately.

    To report a change, visit our change in circumstances page.

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