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Discounts and exemptions

Discounts for certain properties

You may be eligible for a discount or exemption on your Council Tax for a wide range of reasons.

Use the information below to find out if you are eligible for a Council Tax discount based on the circumstances of the property.

  1. Second homes

    For Council Tax purposes, a ‘second home’ is defined as a furnished property that is not anyone’s main home.

    No discount is applied to most second homes.

    Second homes which are boats, caravans or job-related properties may receive a 50% discount.

    Call us on 01935 462462 to apply for this discount.

  2. Uninhabitable properties

    A property may be entitled to a 100% discount for up to 12 months if it requires major repairs or structural alteration.

    Major repairs are not defined by law, but we will consider the following:

    • Major fire or flood damage
    • Major repairs to roof structures
    • Rebuilding defective chimney stack(s)
    • Rebuilding of external walls
    • Repair or renewal of foundations
    • Replacing defective solid floors
    • Replacing defective floor joists
    • Property totally gutted including removing most internal walls
    • Replacing defective ceiling joists
    • Rebuilding defective walls (not stud/partition walls)

    The uninhabitable discount is not intended to cover situations where a property has outdated features, fixtures and fittings. Refurbishment or modernisation of the property would unlikely lead to a discount, unless the property was in severe disrepair. 

    The following repairs would be considered individually as minor repairs and would not count, however they may qualify if combined:

    • Timber or damp proofing treatments
    • Re-wiring throughout
    • Re-plastering throughout
    • Replacement windows
    • Installation of central heating
    • Replacement of kitchen and bathroom

    Minor repairs and decoration will not qualify.

    Property that contains furniture cannot be classed as uninhabitable.

    Quite often refurbishment works are carried out whilst a property is still lived in. It is important for landlords, or those intending to let a property, to note that although you may think of uninhabitable as meaning unfit to let, the condition of the property maybe acceptable to an owner occupier.

    Call us on 01935 462462 to apply for this discount.

  3. Empty properties

    If your property is unoccupied and not furnished you may be eligible for the ‘Empty and Unfurnished Discount’. This discount means that no Council Tax is payable for the 3 months after the property first becomes empty.

    All discount periods start from the date the furniture is removed from the property regardless of any change of ownership/liability.

    After the three months have ended, these properties will receive no discount, so 100% of the Council Tax charge will be payable.

    Call us on 01935 462462 to apply for this discount.

  4. Long term empty dwellings

    Properties that are unoccupied and unfurnished, and have been for more than 2 years, will be charged a premium of 100%. Therefore the Council Tax will be 200% of the normal charge.

    If you think this applies to your property, you must notify us.

  5. Annexes

    An annexe must form part of a single property which includes at least one other dwelling, i.e. an annexe, must be within the grounds of the main house.

    Annexes being used by you or your family

    You may be able to claim a 50% discount on your Council Tax for an annexe which is being used as part of the main dwelling (for example, as a games room), or is occupied by a non-dependent member of your family.

    If the annexe is occupied by a single person, they may also be entitled to a single person discount.

    You can't claim this discount if your annexe is occupied by someone who is not a member of your family.

    Annexes being used by a dependent relative

    If a dependent relative lives in an annexe which forms part of your main home, the annexe is exempt from Council Tax (i.e. 100% discount).

    A 'dependent relative' is someone who is either

    • aged 65+
    • severely mentally impaired
    • substantially and permanently disabled

    Unoccupied annexes due to planning restrictions

    If an annexe cannot be let separately due to planning restrictions, it is exempt from Council Tax.

    Apply for an annexe discount.

  6. Other unoccupied properties

    You may be exempt (100% discount) from paying Council Tax if your property is unoccupied because:

    • It is owned by a charity
      • This must be a registered charity or being treated as such for tax purposes.
    • It has been repossessed
      • If your property has been repossessed, we will need to receive proof of the repossession date.
    • It is a caravan pitch or boat mooring
      • If you have removed your caravan from its pitch or a boat from its mooring, you may be entitled to an exemption.
    • Occupation is prohibited by law
    • Occupation is reserved for a minister of religion

    Call us on 01935 462462 to apply for an unoccupied property discount.

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