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Air quality and pollution

Air quality

It is understood that bonfires can be a quick and easy way of getting rid of garden waste, however please consider the following alternatives before lighting a fire. 


  • Most garden waste can be composted into a useful soil conditioner, saving you the cost of buying commercial products.
  • Store the garden waste, turning it regularly. This will enable the waste to dry so that it can be transported to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre when restrictions are lifted.

Here at South Somerset District Council, we are committed to maintaining good standards of air quality across the district.

This includes:

  • Monitoring levels of harmful pollutants
  • Inspecting companies’ emissions under the PPC regime
  • Investigating complaints
  • Giving advice about burning waste
  • Discussing the risks of pollution in new developments with developers
  • Encouraging cleaner modes of transport
  • The use of wood burning stoves

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