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Air quality and pollution

Contaminated Land

Some land in this country has been contaminated in the past by industries such as mining, waste disposal and general industrial processes. We work with landowners to manage the risk posed by this historical use.

This historical use of the land may have left behind chemicals that could be a risk to our health and the environment if they are not managed properly. Although, the risk of this contamination being a threat is very low.

  1. Reporting Contamination

    The accidental or deliberate release of contaminants, such as oils and chemicals, may be harmful to our health and the environment.

    Report any incidents as soon as possible to the Environment Agency.  

    If there may be a risk to health, our Environmental Protection Team should also be contacted.

  2. Contaminated Land Register

    Our contaminated land public register shows areas of land that have been formally remediated or “cleaned up”.

    The Council has a duty under part 11A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 "to cause its area to be inspected from time to time for the purposes of identifying contaminated land".

    Our contaminated land strategy provides the means of dealing with the legacy of land contamination in South Somerset.

  3. Building on Contaminated Land

    A lot of potentially contaminated sites will be dealt with by redevelopment.

    We are responsible for assessing planning applications and recommending whether a contaminated land condition is required. We also talk with developers and their agents to ensure that contaminated land conditions are discharged.

  4. Request an Environmental Search

    We provide environmental searches and provide information on environmental issues for properties and land in South Somerset.

    We can only give you information that we have been told about. Therefore our search may be incomplete or outdated. You may be able to find extra information from other sources.

    Our environmental search, which includes the use of land up to 250m around the contaminated land, costs £30. 

    Make a request with details of the information you require, along with the site address and location plan. 

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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