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Environmental permits

You need an environmental permit if you operate:

  • an ‘installation’ – an industrial facility, manufacturer or other business that produces potentially harmful substances (e.g. a landfill site, a large chicken farm, a food factory, a furniture factory, a dry cleaners, a petrol station)
  • a waste operation – a site where waste is recycled, stored, treated or disposed of
  • a mining waste operation – a site which manages waste produced from mines or quarries
  • a small waste incineration plant – where certain types and quantities of waste are burned
  • mobile plant – a plant that’s designed to move or be moved, (e.g. a machine that’s moved onto a site to clean contaminated soil)
  • a solvent emission activity – releasing organic solvents directly or indirectly into the air
  • stand-alone groundwater activity – releasing polluting liquids directly or indirectly to water underground

You also need a permit for an activity that involves a radioactive substance.

You may need an environmental permit if you do an activity that could:

  • pollute the air, water or land
  • increase flood risk
  • adversely affect land drainage
  •  is likely to have a significant impact on neighbouring premises from noise or vibration 

You are breaking the law if you operate without a permit when you should have one.

Apply for Environmental Permit

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