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Smokefree Somerset for Businesses

England went Smokefree on 1 July 2007. This means that smoking any substance is no longer permitted in workplaces and public places that are “enclosed” or “substantially enclosed”. This includes public transport or vehicles used for work by more than one person. 

  1. What is covered under the Smokefree legislation?

    Nearly all enclosed workplaces and public places are smoke free. This means that it is an offence:

    • to smoke in a smoke free premises or vehicle
    • for those who control or manage a smoke free premises or vehicle to permit others to smoke in the premises or vehicle
    • for people who occupy or manage a smoke free premises or vehicle to not display the required no-smoking signs

  2. What signs do I need?

    At least one legible no-smoking sign must be displayed in smokefree premises and vehicles.

  3. Is my premise enclosed or substantially enclosed?

    All enclosed and substantially enclosed public places and workplaces must be smoke free.  This includes permanent and temporary structures such as tents or marquees.

    Premises are enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof and, except for doors, windows and passageways, are wholly enclosed either on a temporary or permanent basis. 

    Premises are substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls which is less than half the total area of the walls.  The area of the opening does not include doors or windows.

  4. Do I have to provide a smoking shelter?

    There is no requirement to provide a smoking shelter.  If you are considering having a smoking shelter, you should make sure that it is constructed so that it is not enclosed or substantially enclosed.  You may also need planning permission and building control approval.

  5. Enforcement

    We are responsible for enforcing the law and have the power to enter all ‘no-smoking premises’ to check that the law is being complied with. We are also able to issue fixed penalty notices to people who we believe are breaking the law.

    Individuals who smoke in a no-smoking premise will be liable to a fixed penalty fine of £50.

    Failure to display ‘no-smoking’ signs will be liable to a fixed penalty fine of £200.

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