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Dog related issues

Dog fouling

A person in charge of a dog, whether they are the owner or not, must clean up after their dog has fouled in a public place. Failure to do so may lead to a fine or prosecution in court.

We know that the majority of dog owners and walkers are responsible, however, there is a small minority of people who do not clean up after their dog.

  1. How do I report dog fouling?

    We can remove incidents of dog fouling from public footpaths and highways. We can also remove it from parks and public spaces that are owned by the Council.

    We will investigate areas where repeated dog fouling is an issue or instances where a known individual is allowing their dog to foul in a public area.

    Report dog fouling online using the button below. You will need to be registered and signed in to your account. This will save you having to re-enter your information and allow us to keep you updated throughout the process.  

  2. What we do to reduce dog fouling

    We carry out routine patrols of parks and open spaces, give presentations to schools and issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people who fail to clean up dog mess.

  3. What you can do to reduce dog fouling

    • Always carry 'poo' bags and dispose of bags in a dog or litter bin. Not disposing a 'poo' bag correctly is also a dog fouling and littering offence.
    • Do not put dog bags in green garden recycling bins.
    • Always keep an eye on your dog so you are aware of when and where it has fouled.
    • Keep your dog to the boundaries of sports pitches. Complaints are received from the players and officials when they come across it during a game.
    • Do not let your dog roam the streets.
    • Report any dog fouling you witness.

Report dog fouling

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