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Dog related issues

I have lost my dog

If you have lost your dog, report it to us and we can check to see if someone has found your dog and notified us.

If you have found a dog, use this page.

  1. Report your lost dog

    You’ll need to:

    • give us a photo of your dog
    • describe your dog's collar
    • tell us about your dog’s microchip
    • tell us where and when you last saw your dog

  2. What happens next?

    If your dog has already been found

    If someone has found your dog already and brought it to us, we’ll:

    • ask you to meet us at the kennels to collect your dog
    • ask you to pay the kennel fee for your dog’s stay

    If your dog hasn’t been found

    If your dog has not been found yet, we’ll keep the information you give us in our ‘lost dog register’.

    If someone reports a dog that we think might be yours, we’ll contact you.

    You could also:

Report a Lost Dog

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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