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Environmental health

Environmental health enforcement

The environmental health service have a formal policy which sets out how they will exercise their enforcement powers and deal with offenders.

Fair and effective enforcement is essential to protect the health, safety, environment and well being of residents and businesses of, and visitors to, South Somerset. Enforcement means all of our activities that ensure that the law is being respected. We are committed to making sure that people keep within the law. Wherever possible we will work with you to make any improvements which are necessary, but in certain cases we have to take enforcement action. Example offences are: noisy neighbours, burning hazardous materials, cross contamination of food and smoking in a public place.

Our approach to enforcement

We will use our enforcement powers to make sure that the public, employees, customers, animals and the environment are protected from harm. We will not use our enforcement powers unless we have to. Every person who breaks the law will be dealt with according to the circumstances of the case and whether local people's health and safety, the environment or public well being is affected. We aim to give you advice so you know what to do to put things right and what you can expect from us. We will be fair and consistent and look into each case as fully as possible. If our investigations show that you are not breaking the law, we will write to let you know.

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