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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Businesses in South Somerset are inspected by our food hygiene officers and given a rating between 0 and 5. This helps you to make an informed choice about where you buy and eat your food.

  • A rating of 5 means that conditions are very good
  • A rating of 4 means that conditions are good
  • A rating of 3 means that conditions are generally satisfactory
  • A rating of 2 means that improvement is necessary
  • A rating of 1 means that major improvement is necessary
  • A rating of 0 means that urgent improvement is necessary

  1. Which businesses are given a rating?

    Any business where you can buy or eat food will be given a rating. This includes:

    • Restaurants
    • Takeaways
    • Cafes
    • Sandwich shops
    • Pubs
    • Hotels
    • Supermarkets

    Businesses will be issued with a rating certificate and window sticker and be encouraged to display these.

    This online toolkit provides many ideas for businesses to make the most of their food hygiene rating.

  2. How is a rating calculated?

    Following a food hygiene inspection businesses will be given a rating for the standards of hygiene found at that time. This is based on:

    • How hygienically food is handled e.g. safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage.
    • The condition of the structure of the premises e.g. cleanliness, repair, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities.
    • How food safety is managed and documented e.g. using systems such as 'Safer Food Better Business'.

  3. How can I find out a business’ food rating?

    Visit the Food Standards Agency Ratings webpage. You can find the food hygiene ratings for any food business in the district.

    These ratings are given at the time of inspection and changes may have occurred at the premises since then.

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