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Report an accumulation of waste

Please do not report missed waste and recycling here.  For missed bin and recycling collections go to: Report a missed bin collection | South Somerset District Council

We are currently experiencing problems with waste and recycling collections, for further information refer to: Service update – Somerset Waste Partnership

Use this page to get help with a build-up of waste on a nearby property that is:

  • a nuisance
  • likely to encourage rodents
  • likely to present a health risk

Rubbish which may cause a statutory nuisance include items which could cause risk to health or a nuisance to neighbouring properties. For example:

  • An accumulation of refuse sacks containing food waste in your neighbour’s garden which gives rise to unpleasant odours and flies
  • Rotting food or materials which may attract rats or other vermin
  • Rubbish which may provide a habitat for rats and mice

We will not investigate an eyesore, or overgrown gardens.

We have dedicated pages for reporting fly-tipping and litter.

(Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste onto land).

  1. What should I do?

    The people responsible for the accumulation may not know that they are causing a problem.

    Get in contact with them before reporting the issue to us. This way you can resolve the matter quickly and maintain a good relationship.

    If you don't feel comfortable speaking to the individual or business, use this letter template to help you.

    Keep a copy of your letter and start recording any events that effect you or that you feel are a cause for concern.

  2. What if the waste is still not removed?

    If the person or business hasn’t responded to your requests, report the waste by using the button below. You will be asked to sign up for, or sign in to, your account before completing the form.

    We will get in contact with the people responsible for the nuisance.

    Your details will not be shared with them unless we decide to prosecute.

  3. How will you investigate my complaint?

    We will decide if the waste is a statutory nuisance (covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990) or, in the case of a business, whether they have demonstrated “best practicable means” (if the waste has been disposed of in the correct or most effective way).

    If we find that a statutory nuisance exists, we will serve an Abatement Notice. This will require the person responsible to stop or reduce the waste nuisance. This person will also be liable to a fine, if they do not comply with the notice.

    We can only take court action if an Abatement Notice has not been complied with. If we do start court proceedings you must be prepared to give evidence to the Court under oath.

  4. What if my issue is not considered as a nuisance?

    We investigate complaints from an impartial position. You may be told that no statutory nuisance was found or that we couldn’t gather enough evidence. In this case, you can take your complaint directly to the Magistrates Court under Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Report accumulation of waste

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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