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Drains and sewers

A drain is a pipe serving one property. The owner of the property is responsible for maintaining the drain.

A sewer is a pipe serving more than one property. In South Somerset, Wessex Water are responsible for the maintenance of all sewers, apart from a few exceptions.

You can find more information about who is responsible for the maintenance of different sections of the drain and sewer networks on the Wessex Water website.

We hold no records of private drainage serving individual properties.

  1. Report a blocked sewer

    If you have a problem with a blocked sewer or associated flooding, call Wessex Water on 0345 600 4 600 or submit an enquiry using our online form.

    If Wessex Water are not properly addressing a problem you can complain to the Consumer Council for Water.

  2. I have a problem with my drains

    If you own your property you can either choose to fix the problem yourself or contact a private contractor. You can find details for contractors in local business directories.

    If repair work is needed, it is worth checking with your building’s insurance provider first as you may be covered. Several companies also offer insurance that specifically covers drain blockages and defects.

    If you rent your property, your landlord should unblock and make repairs to private drains when necessary.

    Report any problems with your drains to your landlord or letting agency first.

    If they do not resolve the problem, contact us.

    We will work with your landlord to make sure the necessary work is done.

  3. I have a problem with my neighbours drains

    We have legal powers to make sure that drains and private sewers are kept in working order.

    If your neighbour is not fixing a problem with their drains and this is causing a problem for you, for example, flooding or smells, report it to us.

  4. Report a blocked drain on the road

    To report a blocked drain or defective drain cover on the road, visit Somerset County Council

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