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Empty properties

Should you suspect a property to be empty, report it online to us detailing the location and how long you believe it has been empty. 

Empty property leasing scheme

We operate in partnership with Home First Plus, to able to offer owners of empty properties an affordable way to renovate their asset. 

This is done by the owner leasing the property to Home First Plus for a fixed period. Under the scheme the property must be leased for a minimum of seven years and the cost of any repairs are deducted from the future rental stream. Home First Plus manage the property during the lease period and the owner can safely leave them to do this.

When all the debt has been paid back the owner will profit from the remaining rent (less management costs). The main benefit of taking up this scheme is at the end of the lease, the owner will have a property in good repair ready to either sell or continue renting. 

You are advised to take legal advice from a solicitor before entering into an agreement with this or any other lease company or commercial organisation.

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