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Supporting Landlords

We work positively with landlords to encourage and develop good accommodation in South Somerset.

Use this page for information and guidance if you are renting, or our looking to rent out, properties in the area.

  1. Right to Rent

    On 1 February 2016, Right to Rent went live across England. This means all private landlords, including anyone subletting or taking in lodgers, need to carry out quick and simple checks on all new tenants to make sure they have the right to rent property in the country.

    For more information about making the checks, visit the Right to Rent Checks website.

  2. Notifying us about a change in tenants

    If tenants are leaving or moving into one of your properties, or if there is a change of tenants at an address, let us know by completing our online form.

  3. Hazards to be aware of

    Common hazards that tend to happen in and around a home include:

    • Damp and mould growth
    • Lack of, or inadequate heating - fixed heating systems should be able to maintain 19 degrees in habitable rooms when the outside temperature is -1.
    • Lack of, or inadequate artificial or natural ventilation. For example, extractor fans and windows
    • Asbestos
    • Carbon Monoxide - properties where there are gas appliances and solid fuel appliances should have working carbon monoxide detectors. In some circumstances it is a legal requirement.
    • Lead pipes
    • Radon
    • Gas leak/ Explosions
    • Overcrowding/lack of space
    • Absence of locks/security devices
    • Lighting, natural and artificial
    • Refuse
    • Pests
    • Food safety
    • Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage
    • Water supply, adequate supply of hot and cold running water (Wessex Water / South West Water)
    • Falls associated with baths and showers
    • Slips, trips and falls on level floors
    • Falling on stairs and steps
    • Falling from height
    • Burns, scalds, collisions, cuts and strains
    • Electrical hazards
    • Fire safety hazards, for example smoke and heat detectors and fire doors
    • Structural collapse and falling items, for example roof tiles and ceilings

  4. Saving money on energy bills

    To help save energy and money on your energy bills, follow these simple tips.

    There are also a range of grants and schemes available:

    Advice on managing bills and switching your fuel supplier

  5. Report an issue with a letting agent

    If a letting agent doesn't resolve an issue or complaint, you can report it to a government-approved letting agent redress scheme.

  6. Additional guidance

Policy For Awarding Private Sector Housing Grants

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