Supporting tenants and homeowners

All properties should be safe and suitable to be lived in and, if they are not, we can serve notices on a landlord requiring remedial works to be carried out. We can also help owner occupiers to improve their properties up to a decent standard.

If you are a tenant or homeowner living in South Somerset, use this page for information and guidance.

  1. Hazards to be aware of

    Common hazards that tend to occur in and around a home include:

    • Damp and mould growth
    • Lack of, or inadequate heating - fixed heating systems should be able to maintain 19 degrees in habitable rooms when the outside temperature is -1.
    • Lack of, or inadequate artificial or natural ventilation. For example, extractor fans and windows
    • Asbestos
    • Carbon Monoxide - Properties where there are gas appliances and solid fuel appliances should have working carbon monoxide detectors. In some circumstances it is a legal requirement.
    • Lead pipes
    • Radon
    • Gas leak/explosions
    • Overcrowding/lack of space
    • Absence of locks/security devices
    • Lighting, natural and artificial
    • Refuse
    • Pests
    • Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage
    • Water supply, adequate supply of hot and cold running water (Wessex Water / South West Water)
    • Falls associated with baths and showers
    • Slips, trips and falls on level floors
    • Falling on stairs and steps
    • Falling from height
    • Burns, scalds, collisions, cuts and strains
    • Electrical hazards
    • Fire safety hazards, for example smoke and heat detectors and fire doors
    • Structural collapse and falling items, for example roof tiles and ceilings

  2. I am a tenant, my home is in disrepair

    If you are a tenant and your home is suffering from disrepair, follow these steps to get your landlord to carry out any necessary repairs:

    • Put your complaint in writing to your landlord
    • Give them reasonable time to arrange and complete any repairs. You should normally allow up to 4 weeks, but this is depends on the nature of the problem.

    Use our letter template to help you.

    If your landlord does not reply to you within the 4 weeks, contact us so that we can look into this for you.

  3. Saving energy at home

    To help save energy and money on your energy bills, follow these simple tips.

    There are also a range of grants and schemes available:

    Advice on managing bills and switching your fuel supplier

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