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We are responsible for all trees on Council land, including some trees on certain highways and verges.

We have a legal duty of care to inspect and manage these trees. We do this through a tree risk programme.

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  1. Our tree risk programme

    Our tree risk programme identifies any hazards that could cause harm. For example, a trunk, branch or crown of a tree that might fail structurally, collapse and fall onto a person or building.

    Our highly trained arboriculture team will regularly monitor any hazardous trees.

    However, they are not able to prune or remove trees:

    • that are privately owned
    • because they are overhanging
    • to control their size or height
    • in order to improve light
    • to improve a view
    • because of falling leaves, sap, seeds or debris
    • to improve television or satellite reception

  2. Problems with an interferring tree

    If you are experiencing problems with a tree interfering with your property or street, the pages below may help:

  3. Help with your own tree maintenance

    In common law, you can cut back overhanging branches to the boundary of your property. For any trees owned by the Council, we will usually have no objection to you carrying out this type of work or hiring someone to do so. If you need access to council land to carry out the work, you need to get prior written permission.

    You also need to make sure that:

    • the tree is not in a conservation area
    • the tree does not have a Tree Preservation Order
    • any work to the tree is not detrimental to its health or stability
    • any cut branches are disposed of in a responsible manner
    • no unauthorised damage to Council property occurs.

    Find out more information about looking to hire an arborist, advice and directories.

  4. Additional Information

Report an issue with a tree

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