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*Under the current circumstances regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, please note we are working with a skeleton crew and only undertaking critical Street Clean works to ensure the safety of our communities.  All horticultural work has been suspended until further notice.  We thank you for your understanding at this time.*

To report an issue you need to be registered for a My Account. This will save you having to re-enter information and allow you to track the progress of the report. 

We have the responsibility to maintain all hedges on Council land.

Our hedges are managed according to the 'Hedgerow regulations act 1997' and the 'Wildlife and countryside act 1981'.

Most of our hedges are trimmed shortly after the bird-nesting season has finished. This is usually in July, but can be delayed by seasonal variations.

For quicker growing hedge varieties or hedges next to footpaths, we aim to give them a second cut in the winter period.

Larger hedge lines are cut using a tractor and flail machine.

Report an overgrown hedge by using the button below. You will be asked to sign up for, or sign in to, your account before completing the form. 

Somerset County Council responsibility

The County Council are responsible for keeping the footpaths, rights of ways and roads clear of overhanging hedges.

To report overgrown hedges or trees on the highway, contact Somerset County Council online, by phone on 0300 123 2224 or by email southsomhighways@somerset.gov.uk.

Homeowners responsibility

Individual homeowners are responsible for overhanging or overgrown hedges on their property.

If you are in dispute with your neighbour over the height of a boundary hedge, see our high hedge disputes page on our website for advice and support.

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