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Road closures for local events

  1. Applications for Road Closure Orders

    Applications must be made in writing at least 15 (fifteen) weeks before the event to include the following information: the date of the closure; the time of the closure; the roads to be closed; the purpose of the closure; the person managing the road closure/signage and the person running the event.

    If, however, the road(s) that you wish to close are not adopted by Somerset County Council, we are unable to issue a Road Closure Order.

    We will then carry out the necessary consultation with the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Somerset Highways and County Highways Services and provided satisfactory replies are received, the Road Closure Order will be issued under the powers granted to the local authority under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847.

    If  we agree to the temporary closure, it will be subject to the organiser of the event fulfilling the following conditions:

    • The promoter will liaise closely with the Police and Highway Authority and will comply with their requirements.
    • The promoter will be responsible totally for erecting and removing diversionary route signs and barriers diverting traffic and for the cost thereof.
    • The promoter will be responsible totally for access arrangements during the closure for all emergency vehicles.
    • The promoter will sign the appropriate indemnity pro-forma, as supplied by the Local Authority.

  2. Fees

    Road Closure Orders

    The cost of a road closure is £210.00

    For commemorative occasions and non-profit community groups, no fee is payable

    (examples are carnivals, Christmas and primarily charitable events ( 4 or less commercial traders))

    Advertising costs

    • For charitable purposes, for example carnivals and commemorative occasions, it is likely the cost of advertising the Order will be payable by the organisers.
    • For events that are for private gain, the full cost of advertising the Order will be payable.
    • For events that are primarily charitable, but where, for example, market pitches are sold and the pitch users are only present for private gain, it is likely the cost of advertising the Order will be payable by the organisers.

    Advertising costs, if applicable, will be invoiced to the applicant direct.

  3. How to apply

    Please complete the Obstruction Order (Road closure) application form (word version) and send to us at least 15 (fifteen) weeks before the event.

  4. Platinum Jubilee Street Parties

    If you’re planning a street party to celebrate the platinum jubilee please find an application form and links to information here.

    Application form. Please submit your application at least 6 weeks before your event. 

    Consultation Letter template 

    Links to other information

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