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Safety Advisory Group

If you are holding a large event, you may be invited to attend a Safety Advisory Group meeting before your event gets a licence to go ahead.

Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) are set up for major public events such as outdoor concerts, gatherings, festivals and shows. 

One of the important roles of a SAG is to bring all relevant partners together to plan and prepare for the event in a co-ordinated way. This may include emergency services, emergency planning and other key local authority officers such as environmental health, health and safety, highways, building control, licensing and waste management.

The responsibility for the management of the event still remains with the event organiser and therefore the SAG needs to be working closely with the event management team.

  1. What does the Safety Advisory Group do?

    • Advise on minimising any inconvenience to local residents, businesses and the general public
    • Promote wellbeing (Local Government Act 2000 Health and welfare of community)
    • Focus resources using risk assessment and facilitating proportionate advice and regulation
    • Enable effective planning to facilitate less intensive monitoring and inspection
    • Promote safer events as contributing to safer and stronger communities
    • Support businesses and organisers through having a single point of contact for the Event and consistent professional advice and support
    • Increase good publicity and encourage more business and visitor engagement through safer events
    • Share good practice

  2. What should I do if I am holding a large event?

    It’s more than likely we already know about your event through our Locality Officers or Environmental and Licensing Specialists. If, however, you believe we are not aware of your large event, contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements to discuss the requirement of your event with you.

  3. Useful links

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    Health and Safety Executive (2007) - The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (amended).

    Health and Safety Executive (2007) - Gas Safety in Catering and Hospitality.

    Health and Safety Executive - Catering and Hospitality Sector Information and Guidance.

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