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Gambling and lotteries

Prize gaming permits

A prize gaming permit allows you to provide gaming with prizes on specified premises.

Prize gaming is a form of normally low stakes and prizes gambling. Neither the nature nor the size of the prize is determined by the number of persons playing or the amount paid for, or raised by, the gaming.

It can comprise of a variety of games, providing that the participation fees and prizes do not exceed prescribed limits. The prize can be a cash or non-cash prize.

If you wish to provide such gambling at any non-gambling premises (a premises that hasn't got a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005) you will need to apply for a permit

The following do not need to apply:

For more information, visit the Gambling Commission.

View our statement of principles.

View our permit fees.

Apply for a prize gaming permit.

This form can be used to apply to convert an existing permit to a prize gaming permit or to change the name of the permit holder.

A prize game permit cannot be transferred. A change of name application should only be submitted when the permit holder wishes to be known by another name.

Prize gaming permits do not permit the provision of gaming machines. If you wish to offer gaming machines at your premises you will need to complete a separate application.

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