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Gambling and lotteries

Unlicensed family entertainment centres

Unlicensed family entertainment centres are premises which are wholly or mainly used for making gaming machines available. We cannot grant a permit for an entire shopping centre or bowling alley, for example.

If you are running an unlicensed family entertainment centre, you will need a permit from us.

This permit will last for 10 years, unless it lapses or is surrendered.   

For more information, visit the Gambling Commission.

View our statement of principles.

View our permit fees.

Apply for an unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit using our application form.

This form can also be used to apply to convert an existing permit to an unlicensed family entertainment centre permit or to change the name of the permit holder.  

An unlicensed family entertainment centre permit cannot be transferred. A change of name application should only be submitted when the permit holder wishes to be known by another name.

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