House and street trading

Charitable street collections

No collection, other than a collection taken at a meeting in the open air, shall be made in any street or public place within the South Somerset District, unless a promoter has obtained a permit from the Council. 

  • The application for a permit needs to be made in writing no later than one month before the date of the proposed collection. 
  • No collection shall be made other than on the day and between the hours stated in the permit.
  • We may, in granting a permit, limit the collection to streets or public places, or such parts thereof, as we think fit. 
  • No person may assist or take part in any collection without the written authority of a promoter. 

Any person authorised under the paragraph above must be able to produce such written authority for inspection when requested to do so by our Officers or any constable. 

Apply for a Charitable Street Collection Permit

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